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3DFTP 7.0  3DFTP 7.0

3D FTP is lightning fast FTP client with multi threaded transfer engine providing up to 20x faster file transfers. You can browse and change directories while transferring files in background. Features like bookmarks, direct remote editing and directory synchronization make 3D FTP perfect tool f
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FlyGrid.Net  FlyGrid.Net

Great things indeed come in small packages. FlyGrid.Net is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable .Net DataGrid/Tree control which completely manages the data, offering outstanding performance and flexibility to display and manage tabular, nested and hierarchical data. With far more features f
Tags: editor, data, create, time, component, control, images, management, design, speed, using, view, split, synchronize, performance, block, manage, display, key, drawing, size, custom, basic, small, support, processing, set, into, automatically, function, cell, grid, dialog, drop, feature, addition, column, faster, for, features, replacement, users, draganddrop, contents, option, collapse, party, highspeed, caption,

Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 3.1  Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 3.1

Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer is a utility for people who need their computers to use exact time. The program connects to various atomic clock timeservers and synchronizes your internal clock with time provided by these servers. Key benefits: connects on many atomic clock time servers; you can a
Tags: utility, program, time, server, clock, synchronize, sync, connection, automatically, atomic, calculate, computers, faster, for, atomicclock, algorithm, people,

ChaCha Toolbar  ChaCha Toolbar

By searching with a Guide your query is sent to a real person who is skilled at finding information on the internet and knowledgable on the subject at hand so that you get the few exact results you want, not the millions of results you don t. ChaCha only provides quality, human approved results.
Tags: internet, search, information, chat, using, address, query, links, best, engine, alert, detect, searchengine, submit, stars, hand, resources, questions, natural, rate, real, faster, searching, for, select, rating, question, engines, session,

ChaCha Toolbar 1.0  ChaCha Toolbar 1.0

By searching with a Guide your query is sent to a real person who is skilled at finding information on the internet and knowledgable on the subject at hand so that you get the few exact results you want, not the millions of results you don t. ChaCha only provides quality, human approved results.
Tags: internet, search, information, chat, using, address, query, links, best, engine, alert, detect, searchengine, submit, stars, hand, resources, questions, natural, rate, real, faster, searching, for, select, rating, question, engines, session,

Crazaa 3.55  Crazaa 3.55

Crazaa is a new file sharing program. In addition to letting you share MP3s and other types of files, Crazaa allows you to connect simultaneously to Gnutella and OpenFT networks giving you faster download speeds and more files compared to other file sharing programs. Crazaa supports any file type, a
Tags: download, file, video, audio, picture, files, privacy, access, play, media, view, sharing, filesharing, share, simple, mediaplayer, connect, addition, faster, features, back, networks, shared,

DynaPDF 2.0  DynaPDF 2.0

Complete, dependency free, royalty free, PDF DLL component library for Windows to create, form fill, manipulate, and more with PDF files. True metafile (EMF) to PDF conversion. Supports multiple image types, unicode, 3 color spaces, text formating, fonts, PDF 1.5, form fields, and more. Works in alm
Tags: file, image, text, component, access, print, library, code, color, document, form, language, safe, font, multiple, documents, support, processing, work, into, call, function, device, quality, pages, fonts, character, native, faster, for, tags, international, context, contents, algorithm, formatting,

CTNet Complete Optimizer 1.0  CTNet Complete Optimizer 1.0

CT Net Complete Optimizer provides feature rich set of tools enabling you to clean up your registry, clean junk files, control programs running on Windows startup, tune your settings to speed up internet connection and many other pc optimizer tools. CT Net Complete Optimizer does not only make your
Tags: internet, tool, data, files, privacy, control, protect, space, disk, programs, tools, make, computer, pc, clean, registry, speed, history, optimize, documents, optimizer, connection, run, settings, set, internetprivacy, tune, junk, speedup, faster, cable, for, recent, diskspace, improve, entries, registryentries, temporary, internetconnection,

Split it (Award Winning file splitter) 3.2  Split it (Award Winning file splitter) 3.2

It is a popular and award winning file splitter of size 64 kb(zip size 21 kb so you can easily transport it) with the ability to split the files of all types(mp3,dat,mpg,avi,zip, etc) & in various sizes(can also specify decimal size) . Can merge files splitted by any other splitter(so you can
Tags: mp3, file, cd, create, time, files, disk, antivirus, explorer, batch, using, memory, split, show, merge, scanner, advanced, size, join, into, splitter, automatically, version, original, winzip, popular, floppy, drop, feature, scanning, receive, now, filesplitter, faster, for, features, splitting, context, available, decimal, part,

Babes Solitaires 1.2c US  Babes Solitaires 1.2c US

Play a FREE collection of 16 solitaire card games Bakers Dozen, Block Ten, Canfield, Easthaven, Fan, Fanny, Fortunes Favor, Fourteen Out, Freecell, Golf, Klondike, Sir Tommy, Stalactites, as well as original games found nowhere else like George V, Ordered Suits, Simple Alternations... All theses p
Tags: game, download, games, online, images, graphics, play, speed, help, collection, solitaire, advanced, best, background, cardgames, browse, basic, professional, documentation, original, function, enhance, quality, speedup, master, faster, sounds, features, complete, memorize, out,

Dr.Salman s Window Power Tools 5.02005R1  Dr.Salman s Window Power Tools 5.02005R1

Make your PC sky rocket, boost your Internet speed, optimize and increase your RAM and boost performance up to 300% with this best optimizing suite for Windows. Window Power Tools optimizes Windows GUI to make windows run faster, it also makes your internet connection faster and decreases downloadin
Tags: windows, internet, file, security, desktop, program, files, control, menu, system, encryption, access, make, speed, amazing, optimize, memory, performance, display, window, best, connection, modem, menus, run, hard, boost, fileencryption, sky, feature, speedup, addition, faster, for, increase, powerful, searches, internetconnection, bit, suite,

Documeron 2.1  Documeron 2.1

Have you ever been in a situation when you know that the document should definitely be on your computer, that about a week or two ago you had been working with it for a long time, but you don’t remember neither the document’s name nor any key word combinations from this document to use the option se
Tags: security, password, search, program, time, word, easy, find, help, document, list, money, save, date, key, link, documents, browse, launch, mind, deleted, name, set, type, function, filtering, product, browsing, faster, for, remember, option,

Avant4u Anonymous Surfing 2.0.2  Avant4u Anonymous Surfing 2.0.2

Anonymous Surfing is an Internet Explorer Proxy Manager that automatically downloads a list of anonymous proxy servers, checks them for speed, and sets the fastest one as your proxy server. Using a proxy server enhances your online privacy by hiding your IP address and location from all the web site
Tags: download, web, data, online, server, privacy, record, speed, information, site, list, address, downloads, proxy, track, best, world, onlineprivacy, connection, random, collect, testing, rotate, automatically, location, anonymous, surfing, lists, real, faster, searching, for, sites, identity, servers, proxyserver, checks, visitor,

DivX Create Bundle (incl. DivX Player) 6.2  DivX Create Bundle (incl. DivX Player) 6.2

The DivX Create Bundle includes DivX Pro, DivX Player, the DivX Web Player and the DivX Converter, giving you everything you need to create, play, manage and burn DivX videos. With the DivX Converter you can convert your videos to DivX in one easy step. Simply drag your videos onto the DivX Conve
Tags: software, convert, video, web, utility, audio, create, system, play, easy, digital, format, using, burn, compress, performance, manage, advanced, interactive, support, tracks, into, version, click, codec, raw, videosoftware, quality, popular, videos, encoding, faster, for, features, back, playback, embed,

DivX for Windows (incl. DivX Player) 6.6  DivX for Windows (incl. DivX Player) 6.6

Free your media and enjoy advanced interactive features with DivX for Windows 6.6. DivX for Windows includes the new DivX Codec 6.6.1, the DivX Player, the DivX Web Player and the Stage6 Content Uploader Utility as well as a 15 day trial of the DivX Converter and a 6 month trial of the DivX Pro Code
Tags: download, file, video, web, audio, picture, files, divx, play, easy, digital, adware, format, media, compression, compress, performance, decoder, components, content, advanced, trial, interactive, support, into, package, raw, quality, encoding, faster, for, features, tags, playback, increase, searches, efficiency,

DivX Pro for Windows (incl. DivX Player) 6.6  DivX Pro for Windows (incl. DivX Player) 6.6

Free your media and enjoy advanced interactive features with DivX for Windows 6.6. DivX for Windows includes the new DivX Pro Codec 6.6.1, the DivX Player, the DivX Web Player, the Stage6 Content Uploader Utility and the DivX Converter. The latest DivX Pro Codec 6.6.1 offers new improvements so
Tags: download, file, video, web, audio, picture, files, divx, play, easy, digital, format, media, compression, compress, performance, decoder, content, advanced, interactive, support, into, package, codec, raw, quality, encoding, faster, for, features, tags, playback, increase, searches, efficiency,

Board Games Collection 1.07  Board Games Collection 1.07

The game is a collection of four games – Speed Lines, Super Blocks, Fast Balls and Real Clicks. The rules are based on removing certain amounts of chips from the board, depending on the rules of each game. The player gets bonus points and thus increases game level. Higher level means more bonus poin
Tags: game, games, help, collection, bonus, removing, points, real, faster, for, rules,

dual DVD copy Silver 3.14  dual DVD copy Silver 3.14

Dual DVD copy Silver allows to make copy of the Video DVD disc on DVD R/RW and DVD+R/RW media. For this purpose you need the DVD RW or DVD+RW burning drive. dual DVD copy Silver was developed to make this process faster then ever.
Tags: make, copy, process, burning, disc, faster,

Ozzy Bubbles 1.0  Ozzy Bubbles 1.0

Ozzy Bubbles is a wonderfully crafted game, which takes you on a fantasy adventure to the underwater kingdom where 4 villains threaten and cause trouble to underwater inhabitants. You will be able to explore 40 levels with superbly detailed environments, fight 12 types of monsters, including 4 bosse
Tags: game, arcade, fun, make, help, children, save, visual, classic, home, adventure, effects, magic, collect, levels, fantasy, shoot, attack, bubbles, underwater, faster, for, explore, monsters, fight,

Diskeeper Pro Premier 2007  Diskeeper Pro Premier 2007

Diskeeper Pro Premier provides unparalleled peak performance for power users and high powered workstation computing, delivering the ultimate high performance to those who need it most. Best of all, Diskeeper 2007 s revolutionary InvisiTasking™ technology allows vital system performance enhancemen
Tags: file, video, database, time, files, system, access, speed, graphic, performance, beyond, boost, transparent, into, power, applications, accelerate, creation, real, ultimate, faster, for, users, increase, 2007, systems, workstation,

Diskeeper Server 2007  Diskeeper Server 2007

Diskeeper 2007 Server represents an entirely new level of performance and reliability for servers and networked systems. With Diskeeper 2007 Server installed, your system will run more reliably and faster than you thought possible, AUTOMATICALLY, for the life of your system. Maintaining server
Tags: system, performance, task, change, scheduling, run, maintenance, into, good, life, resources, faster, for, processes, servers, reliability, loss, uptime, 2007, defragmentation, top, systems,

Photo Desktop for Flickr 1.0  Photo Desktop for Flickr 1.0

The Flickr experience, now on your desktop The Photo Desktop for Flickr allows you to edit images before upload. Rotate, flip, tag, name, batch resize, and then batch upload your photos. All from one simple application. Spend less time waiting for your browser, and more time looking at your pictur
Tags: photo, time, images, access, edit, batch, upload, editing, browse, simple, now, browsing, faster, for,

HTML Editor v1.2  HTML Editor v1.2

Freelabs web editor software is designed for webpage development and it has features like syntax highlighting, TABLE construct, alignment etc. This html editor also has all the fundamental editor functionalities like: Cut, Copy, Paste, File Open, Save etc. Freelabs Html Editor allows you to create
Tags: software, image, html, web, editor, create, text, word, design, easy, development, find, make, speed, help, code, color, creating, using, learn, source, forms, table, advanced, multiple, user, editing, sourcecode, htmleditor, colors, scripting, preview, errors, function, shortcut, hand, interface, pages, shortcuts, syntax, options, drop, favorite, speedup, highlighting, parts, webeditor, faster, for, webpages, features, jump, tags, useful, users, standard, available, out,

Easy Uninstaller 1.5  Easy Uninstaller 1.5

Easy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerful, and easy to use replacement for slow,and user unfriendly windows AddRemove control panel applet, it comes with functions like multiple uninstallations in one go, uninstall list backup manager and option to delete uninstaller key entry. Easy uninstaller
Tags: windows, backup, manager, control, delete, easy, computer, information, list, key, multiple, user, uninstall, function, solution, applications, faster, for, replacement, functions, uninstaller, cleaning, option,

FreeMind  FreeMind

FreeMind is a premier free mind mapping software written in Java. The recent development has hopefully turned it into high productivity tool. We are proud that the operation and navigation of FreeMind is faster than that of MindManager because of one click fold/unfold and follow link operations.
Tags: software, internet, database, tool, time, easy, development, write, notes, information, using, collection, personal, navigation, show, source, track, link, recording, map, links, tray, size, colors, productivity, small, dynamic, area, move, into, hand, research, writing, parts, faster, knowledge, for, recent, structure, course, timerecording,

Run Rabbit RUN 1.0  Run Rabbit RUN 1.0

Help hungry Rabbit eat as many carrots as he can! Traverse the void in death defying leaps, one false move and Rabbit will join the Great Bunny in the sky! The platform gaps get wider, and Rabbit runs faster how long can you keep him running? Can you stop him tumbling to his doom in the bottomless
Tags: button, stop, join, move, platform, switch, faster,

Bridge Studio 211  Bridge Studio 211

This program is fast and powerful solver of bridge double dummy problems. The basic features are * full tree investigation to the end, the solver always will find the exact solution, which includes best move and number of tricks in optimal game for [north/south] and [east/west] * option of est
Tags: game, download, file, html, program, library, find, fast, creating, save, tree, english, show, skin, best, basic, number, unicode, move, problem, estimate, russian, faster, for, solver, features, investigation, option, available, ansi, powerful, multilanguage,

Bearshare Speed Optimizer 3.0  Bearshare Speed Optimizer 3.0

Bearshare Speed Optimizer is an innovative download acceleration program that will make your life better by speeding up Bearshare downloads and faster finding the files you want. Our new technology brings your download speed to maximum by uncovering full potential of your Internet connection and opt
Tags: download, file, search, program, files, system, easy, make, speed, downloads, auto, tray, connection, run, into, acceleration, life, automatically, interface, faster, for, locate, broken, searches, intervals,

GoBox  GoBox

GoBox instantly accesses google, yahoo, maps, news, phones, eBay, AOL, movies, spelling, stocks & more directly from your desktop. This revolutionary new tool makes finding the information you need quicker and easier. Provides instant access to over 90% of the average user s internet needs
Tags: internet, tool, search, online, access, website, business, browser, find, information, phone, check, home, news, multiple, user, instant, automatically, quotes, auction, local, stocks, options, favorite, faster, for, searches, average,

Password Depot 3.1.3  Password Depot 3.1.3

Password Depot is a powerful and user friendly password manager which helps to manage all your passwords. Best protection of your data due to double encryption with Rijndael 256! Your password list is protected twice: with the master password and with an internal key. Protection from key
Tags: internet, desktop, web, password, data, manager, action, encryption, access, website, design, protection, computer, generator, list, application, memory, toolbar, classic, page, clipboard, manage, bar, window, passwords, passwordmanager, webpage, open, user, browse, name, automatically, trace, encrypted, active, lists, master, now, faster, for, protected, username, fields, option, complete, leaves, available, navigate, powerful, changes,


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