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Secure Image Pro 4.0  Secure Image Pro 4.0

Copy protect the images on your web site and CD using image encryption and domain lock. Secure Image uses image encryption with Domain Lock to prevent direct saving, right mouse saving, direct downloading and bandwidth theft. Options include targeted hyperlink on the image, status bar and image sett
Tags: image, convert, html, web, time, files, images, protect, encryption, folder, easy, viewer, batch, encrypt, site, using, lock, import, page, bar, mouse, safe, applet, messages, bandwidth, settings, domain, into, good, click, encrypted, prevent, master, for, select, option,

Secure Image Pro 3.0  Secure Image Pro 3.0

Copy protect the images on your web site or CD using image encryption and domain lock. Secure Image uses image encryption with Domain Lock to prevent direct saving, right mouse saving, direct downloading and bandwidth theft. Options include targeted hyperlink on the image, status bar and image setti
Tags: image, convert, html, web, time, files, images, protect, encryption, folder, easy, viewer, batch, encrypt, site, using, lock, import, page, bar, mouse, safe, applet, messages, bandwidth, settings, domain, into, good, click, encrypted, prevent, master, for, select, option,

Secure Image Pro OSX 4.0  Secure Image Pro OSX 4.0

Copy protect the images on your web site or CD using image encryption and domain lock. Secure Image uses image encryption with Domain Lock to prevent direct saving, right mouse saving, direct downloading and bandwidth theft. Options include targeted hyperlink on the image, status bar and image setti
Tags: image, convert, html, web, time, files, images, protect, encryption, folder, easy, viewer, batch, encrypt, site, using, lock, import, page, bar, mouse, safe, applet, messages, bandwidth, settings, domain, into, good, click, encrypted, prevent, master, for, select, option,

ThunderStor 2.6.1  ThunderStor 2.6.1

ThunderStor offers the user a simple, fast and effective method to extract ThunderBird Mail (or any mbox compatible mail client) from the mail box files to individual standard message files. A command line and windows interface offers the user a clean and powerful method to extract, archive and prot
Tags: windows, email, html, mail, text, files, protect, fast, clean, extract, list, archive, address, message, drive, page, links, commandline, user, smart, line, usb, attachments, automatically, command, interface, reference, extraction, encoding, box, international, standard, powerful, method,

The Html Directory 1.0  The Html Directory 1.0

The quick, simple, easy to use directory list creating utility. Using The Html Directory in just a few clicks you ll be creating html lists of files and folders from any drive on your computer. It can also be used for creating site maps of your web site with your choice of active or non active links
Tags: html, web, files, easy, creating, site, list, drive, directory, folders, link, background, size, colors, active, lists, for, maps,

AbelCam 2.1.1  AbelCam 2.1.1

AbelCam turns your computer into a web server. Features: Web Server to deliver content to the web Web Cam server for any windows capture device Web 2.0 Tilt/Pan/Zoom for Logitech Orbit, Orbit MP, Sphere, Creative Live! Motion and TrackerPod, use AbelCam to tilt/pan the camera with any web browse
Tags: windows, internet, screen, image, html, video, web, audio, text, time, server, control, browser, capture, computer, record, code, client, site, chat, script, log, form, screencapture, camera, webcam, encoder, change, date, source, display, recording, commandline, content, store, analyzer, detection, webserver, line, module, support, snapshot, webbrowser, rotate, into, mirror, command, loganalyzer, device, motion, videos, configuration, input, execute, real, tuner, profile, for, available, caption, intervals,

Reallusion TalkingSlide 1.1  Reallusion TalkingSlide 1.1

Add a new dimension to your photo collection, business presentations, e learning or educational content. TalkingSlide? creates dynamic rich media talking animated presentations and photo slideshows by seamlessly adding a CrazyTalk interactive talking guide or audio narration. Viewers are then gui
Tags: internet, html, photo, business, digital, animated, view, educational, content, slide, interactive, dynamic, macromedia, presentations, videos, slideshows, guide, talking, complete,

Express Archiver 2.9.1  Express Archiver 2.9.1

Make CD archives of your Outlook Express mails in text / html or mail (MIME) format ! Try now Express Archiver, the first shareware that fully reads Outlook Express dbx files and lets you view, backup and export mails, news or all attachments in a few clicks. A few steps more and you ll have them Ho
Tags: file, html, shareware, backup, mail, text, files, access, make, export, format, archive, save, view, folders, news, source, open, messages, index, attachments, decode, drop, newsgroup, now, structure, draganddrop, dbx, identities, archives,

ie picture downloader 4.3  ie picture downloader 4.3

IE Picture Downloader was designed to help you save web pictures quickly and easily. When you see favorite pictures, launch ie picture downloader from ie toolbar band, all pictures you want appear together in one window. Then you click save all pictures are downloaded and saved into your hard disk.
Tags: download, file, html, web, tool, picture, create, folder, disk, pictures, easy, help, filter, information, site, format, using, save, toolbar, directory, page, ie, generate, webpage, launch, hard, support, downloader, domain, into, version, click, favorite, for, select, picturedownloader, useful, users, filename, pick, out, ietoolbar, 1.10 1.10

Free Buttons helps you create 3D rollover web menus and buttons with ease. It s very simple to work with the program. You just change the graphic parameters of buttons such as 3D shape, lighting, texture, material, shadow, deformation. All other actions perform automatically by the program. Free But
Tags: html, web, program, create, menu, javascript, make, graphic, page, change, mouse, buttons, templates, menus, simple, work, into, automatically, click, events, position, for, rollover,

Free Web Buttons 1.01  Free Web Buttons 1.01

Free Web Buttons helps you create cool web buttons and menus with ease. Free! Its very easy to create professional high quality web buttons with the help of Free Web Buttons. Once installed you’ll be making buttons for your web site with no programming or drawing required. Each parameter of a button
Tags: html, web, create, time, word, edit, easy, help, code, site, graphic, programming, change, font, cool, buttons, drawing, button, menus, professional, set, interface, insert, skills, for, point, out,

HTML Editor v1.2  HTML Editor v1.2

Freelabs web editor software is designed for webpage development and it has features like syntax highlighting, TABLE construct, alignment etc. This html editor also has all the fundamental editor functionalities like: Cut, Copy, Paste, File Open, Save etc. Freelabs Html Editor allows you to create
Tags: software, image, html, web, editor, create, text, word, design, easy, development, find, make, speed, help, code, color, creating, using, learn, source, forms, table, advanced, multiple, user, editing, sourcecode, htmleditor, colors, scripting, preview, errors, function, shortcut, hand, interface, pages, shortcuts, syntax, options, drop, favorite, speedup, highlighting, parts, webeditor, faster, for, webpages, features, jump, tags, useful, users, standard, available, out,

Bridge Studio 211  Bridge Studio 211

This program is fast and powerful solver of bridge double dummy problems. The basic features are * full tree investigation to the end, the solver always will find the exact solution, which includes best move and number of tricks in optimal game for [north/south] and [east/west] * option of est
Tags: game, download, file, html, program, library, find, fast, creating, save, tree, english, show, skin, best, basic, number, unicode, move, problem, estimate, russian, faster, for, solver, features, investigation, option, available, ansi, powerful, multilanguage,

Hello Engines Professional 5.1.7  Hello Engines Professional 5.1.7

Hello Engines! Professional is an award winning tool that helps you to correctly and reliably submit your website to almost all important German and international search engines (e.g. Google, Alta Vista, Fireball, etc.) and directories (e.g. Yahoo,, etc.). By being registered with high quali
Tags: internet, html, database, tool, search, time, online, website, browser, edit, easy, tools, export, code, automatic, project, test, mouse, links, multiple, templates, quick, reports, engine, number, into, submit, errors, services, quality, submission, load, position, websites, for, directories, tags, international, integration, trade, meta, fields, registration, assistant, out, engines,

WebFoil 2.1  WebFoil 2.1

WebFoil is a desktop utility that simultaneously queries the most popular search engines straight from your desktop. With a built in download client and over 80 search engines grouped into 18 categories and 2 channels, you can search the web, download mp3s, find song lyrics, read about your favourit
Tags: download, mp3, html, desktop, web, utility, music, search, data, text, files, easy, viewer, find, export, fast, filter, remove, creating, client, site, format, view, language, mouse, open, read, simple, song, into, click, duplicates, filtering, auction, customize, pages, popular, options, sort, column, for, sites, webpages, select, desktoputility, powerful, engines, moving,

HotShift Calendar 3.2.9  HotShift Calendar 3.2.9

Trialware calendar for fire fighters and other workers on a rotating shift schedule. Handles 24 hour shifts or 2 shifts per day. Up to 4 platoons can be indicated by color coding and/or captions. Schedules are created by the user. Prints calendars with up to 54 months on one page. Prints small calen
Tags: freeware, html, web, utility, calendar, system, javascript, color, generator, schedule, printing, small, reading, maintenance, fire, shift, for, functions, registration, top, coding,

pyFlashCards 0.2.1  pyFlashCards 0.2.1

pyFlashCards is a wxPython based application for creating and studying flash cards. Its main features are Sebastian Leitner for repeating cards, html tags, images, and unicode characters inside cards. These features allow to study any language, use special characters, and highlight important concept
Tags: html, flash, creating, application, font, colors, unicode, study, characters, for, features, special,

Ricks Free HTML Indexer 1.0  Ricks Free HTML Indexer 1.0

I used CSS and a false target to open a new browser each time it s clicked so visitors would not lose their index to surf. The free command line indexer will also index your newest files first. Thus customers and clients will see your most recent bargains. I use the title tags in the command line ht
Tags: file, html, time, files, browser, ini, commandline, open, line, name, index, command, advertising, for, recent, customers, tags, out, clients,

Sitemap Creator 1.2  Sitemap Creator 1.2

Freeware sitemap creator, exports directory structure to a html file
Tags: html, directory, structure,

Mypikyload 1.01  Mypikyload 1.01

Tool to manage pictures offline and online. Dont read! Give it a try! the software has the following features: Minibrowser to handle pictures for an online purpose (but you can add everything that load in your browser). Make several lists of files, you can add list as long as your compu
Tags: software, download, file, screen, convert, html, password, picture, avi, create, online, manager, gif, menu, jpg, ftp, browser, pictures, explorer, make, copy, computer, extract, png, list, using, http, directory, clipboard, manage, upload, links, advanced, rename, offline, mind, resume, paste, set, login, downloadmanager, pattern, options, host, drop, load, mini, lists, box, knowledge, for, slideshows, select, protected, fullscreen, users, context, option, part,

Amper 1.5  Amper 1.5

In the following, pretend ! is an ampersand. Amper converts ! to !amp; in HTML files, but does not convert it when the ! is already in an entity e.g. !lt; !thetasym; !eacute; The main use for this is to pass HTMLValidator verification of your HTML, which is very picky about !, especially inside U
Tags: convert, html, backup, files, java, make, list, directory, change, fix, replace, process, setup, set, command, extension, case, feeds, switch, for, directories, verification, jar,

FileIO 5.3  FileIO 5.3

I/O teaching tool that generates sample Java source code to read or write the console, a sequential file, a random access file, a String, an array of characters, an array of bytes, URL, HTTP CGI GET/POST, Socket or Pipe. It shows you how to read or write ASCII 8 bit characters (plain or locale encod
Tags: html, tool, data, online, access, write, code, application, format, http, source, applet, multiple, sourcecode, read, random, run, type, binary, teaching, raw, dialog, gzip, questions, fill, box, characters, sample, for, big, bit,

Masker 1.4  Masker 1.4

Produces PNG files (image files similar to GIFs, but smaller) that contain your email address. When you post them on your website, it is harder for spammer to harvest them. You can include the generated image files in the HTML on your website with: code like this: [a href= ../image/mailto/r
Tags: email, download, file, image, html, files, java, website, zip, code, spam, png, application, address, save, directory, applet, read, run, name, hard, account, unzip, local, post, for, names, public, jar,

RQ Search and View 1.03  RQ Search and View 1.03

RQ Search and View is a simple utility used to search and view text in files for Microsoft Windows 98/XP. File formats supported are text files with Windows, Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML (web pages). You shouldn t create index files before searching and waiting search finishing to view found files
Tags: file, html, web, utility, search, data, create, text, files, disk, edit, copy, code, site, view, check, source, sourcecode, simple, index, local, day, searching, for,

OziPhotoTool 2.7  OziPhotoTool 2.7

OziPhotoTool combines the technology of a GPS receiver and a digital camera to automatically keep a record of where digital photos were taken. It is designed to be used in conjunction with OziExplorer. Most digital cameras have EXIF metadata stored as part of the photo. This includes is the date and
Tags: download, html, photo, time, photos, digital, record, information, creating, camera, date, map, read, tracks, exif, automatically, location, digitalcamera, metadata, points, for, units, features, unit, digitalphotos, watermarking, part,

Autosend 3.0  Autosend 3.0

Share files with your friends or with the entire world by email. Easy and safe ! Like a filesharing server (plenty of features) but through your regular email client. Emails are simple and easy to use, can go through firewalls. Accessible to everybody everywhere... Just configure a server with its
Tags: email, file, html, create, server, files, control, system, easy, tools, find, list, address, automatic, remote, split, language, upload, send, safe, multiple, world, private, user, share, simple, communication, messages, support, soft, into, interface, nice, lists, creation, execute, for, features, back, servers, big, configure, friends, filename, available, userinterface, people, sending, modified, shared,

Proximodo 0.2.5  Proximodo 0.2.5

When you access the Internet with your web browser, a lot of things happen that are hidden to you. The browser and the website exchange headers that define the behaviour of the browser s cache system, create or use cookies, tell the website who you are and where you came from, and so on. Moreover,
Tags: screen, html, web, create, control, access, website, browser, javascript, programs, make, fast, code, navigation, page, cache, cookies, content, exchange, ads, hidden, deleted, pages, filters, for, tags, banners,

Puzzle generator 2.0  Puzzle generator 2.0

The puzzle generator software is an educational/teaching tool. It generates puzzles and other worksheets that could be used as a class activity. This program makes teachers life easy. Sometimes when kids are bored the puzzle game can warm them up and become an ice breaker. You can also hand out them
Tags: software, game, html, web, puzzle, search, program, create, control, fun, print, word, play, easy, export, kids, help, generator, list, using, collection, puzzles, import, vocabulary, words, puzzlegame, class, key, generate, templates, button, size, simple, dynamic, into, life, version, type, preview, customize, hand, pages, favorite, lists, worksheet, feature, matching, addition, sample, ice, maintain, wordsearch, focus, available, competition, out, worksheets,

AdMentor PRO 5.01  AdMentor PRO 5.01

Banner management/rotation system for ASP.NET, MySQL/MSSQL. Supports flash/html/image and textads.Great performance. The administration interface lets you easily upload and manage banner media (images and flash files), create and manage campaigns and advertisers and also to check statistics. If y
Tags: image, html, flash, create, system, space, media, check, manage, upload, wizard, administration, login, advertising, interface, banner, for, customers, banners, sell,

4Dynamic 2.0  4Dynamic 2.0

IT S NOT A CMS, BUT A NEW WAY FOR CREATE YOUR DYNAMIC WEB SITE EVEN WITHOUT ANY TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE . Create in few minutes News ,Protect pages by user/password ,form whit database, catalog of product, thumbnails and slide show,... Automatic creation of the necessary pages for the user s registrati
Tags: software, image, html, files, control, graphics, tools, php, site, graphic, history, catalog, visual, news, lost, gallery, slide, user, simple, line, newsletter, thumbnails, customize, pages, multi, creation, for, select, modify, scroll, users, organization, horizontal,


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