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service protection undelete disk

Folder Utility 1.00  Folder Utility 1.00

Folder Utility can be used to maintain backup copies of folders on a second drive or a network drive. You can maintain matching copies or copies that append from the source to the backup (target) directory. The append copy only deletes files in the backup directory that are replaced by newer files f
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Powerbacks Basic Sampler 2006  Powerbacks Basic Sampler 2006

30 Free fully licensed basic templates from the acclaimed Powerbacks collection. 1024 x 768 pixels in both pot and jpg formats, compatible with PowerPoint 2000 2004. Powerbacks offers various gradients, textures and fractals to enhance presenting.
Tags: jpg, templates, basic, enhance, fractals,

Powerbacks Creative Sampler 2006  Powerbacks Creative Sampler 2006

30 Free fully licensed creative templates from the acclaimed Powerbacks collection. 1024 x 768 pixels in both pot and jpg formats, compatible with PowerPoint 2000 2004. Powerbacks covers many varied topics in addition to basic themes with 3 D art.
Tags: jpg, templates, basic, themes, addition, creative, covers,

Powerbacks Christian Sampler 2006  Powerbacks Christian Sampler 2006

30 Free fully licensed Christian templates from the acclaimed Powerbacks collection. 1024 x 768 pixels in both pot and jpg formats, compatible with PowerPoint 2000 2004. Powerbacks covers many varied topics and characters in addition to basic themes.
Tags: jpg, templates, basic, addition, characters, covers,

Mypikyload 1.01  Mypikyload 1.01

Tool to manage pictures offline and online. Dont read! Give it a try! the software has the following features: Minibrowser to handle pictures for an online purpose (but you can add everything that load in your browser). Make several lists of files, you can add list as long as your compu
Tags: software, download, file, screen, convert, html, password, picture, avi, create, online, manager, gif, menu, jpg, ftp, browser, pictures, explorer, make, copy, computer, extract, png, list, using, http, directory, clipboard, manage, upload, links, advanced, rename, offline, mind, resume, paste, set, login, downloadmanager, pattern, options, host, drop, load, mini, lists, box, knowledge, for, slideshows, select, protected, fullscreen, users, context, option, part,

Biorythms Calculator 2.4  Biorythms Calculator 2.4

Calculates and displays biorhythm graphs. Enter your birthdate and this Applet and it will calculate your biorhythms. It computes your 23 day physical, 28 day emotional, 33 day intellectual and combined cycles. The combined cycle is sometimes called the luck cycle. The theory of biorhythms is
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NetworkCam 1.6  NetworkCam 1.6

a Java Applet that lets you a view video stream from web cameras that servers present as a series of still jpg images.
Tags: web, jpg, stream,


This product allows saving images from webcam or other video capture device starting on motion detection or constantly with given time interval (ranging from 1 to 30 seconds). It is possible to save the defined amount of shots after motion has been detected. The built in viewer allows viewing cam sh
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ActMask Document Converter CE 3.283  ActMask Document Converter CE 3.283

ActMask Document Converter CE is a software product that can convert all files (MS Office Document, .txt, .wri, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .htm, .jpg etc.) to PDF format or JPG image by printing to ActMask Document Converter Printer simply from any Windows application. To export PNG, BMP,TIFF, GIF, TGA, PCX,
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Adsen FavIcon 1.12  Adsen FavIcon 1.12

Adsen FavIcon is a simple favion freeware creator that lets people make a favicon ico for their website, which shows up in IE s favorites. It can use either bmp or jpg files, and will convert them to ico format using the size and color quality you choose. Not only can you create fav icons, but it ca
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AloeCam 2.2  AloeCam 2.2

AloeCam displays and saves the images from thousands of free cameras connected to the internet showing people at work, school and home. A long list of webcams is supplied with AloeCam and more can be added. AloeCam will show the picture from each webcam you select in it s own resizable window and sa
Tags: windows, internet, web, picture, files, monitor, jpg, images, system, website, sound, play, easy, list, save, alarm, camera, webcam, show, window, passwords, install, background, trial, school, support, professional, webcams, for, features, select, gamma, freetrial, people,

Alldj DVD To AVI converter 2.0.2  Alldj DVD To AVI converter 2.0.2

Alldj DVD To AVI Converter is a powerful DVD ripping and converting software, which can copy DVD to hard drive as AVI / DivX / Xvid / video files. It support all commercial DVD and remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS , etc. ) . Alldj DVD Ripper has the ability to acce
Tags: video, audio, picture, control, jpg, access, sound, copy, speed, information, remove, save, drive, hard, support, harddrive, converting, original, ripping, encrypted, quality, real, restrictions, protected, commercial, powerful,

Alldj DVD To MPEG Converter 2.0.2  Alldj DVD To MPEG Converter 2.0.2

Alldj DVD To MPEG Converter is a powerful ripping and converting software, which can copy DVD to hard drive as MPEG1/2 VOB, SVCD VCD video files. It support all commercial DVD and remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS , etc. ) . Alldj DVD Ripper has the ability to acces
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UPC Bar Codes 3.1  UPC Bar Codes 3.1

The Universal Product Code has been used in the North American retail industry since 1973. There are two different versions of UPC bar codes, UPC A and UPC E. The UPC A bar code is 12 digits long, including its checksum. UPC E bar codes are special shortened versions of UPC A bar codes and are 6 dig
Tags: program, online, jpg, print, programs, make, copy, export, code, graphic, using, bar, encode, label, set, calculation, fonts, checksum, length, retail, for, functions, manual, horizontal, special, codes,

Bloch Wallpaper Changer 2.0.5  Bloch Wallpaper Changer 2.0.5

Schedule when your desktop wallpaper changes with a user defined time interval. You can choose jpg files when you are using microsoft active desktop and make your desktop icons transparent in Windows versions below XP.
Tags: desktop, time, files, wallpaper, jpg, microsoft, make, using, icons, user, transparent, active, desktopwallpaper, changes,

3D Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver 1.1  3D Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver 1.1

Watch a fleet of beautifully rendered 3D Hot Air Balloons in Real Time 3D floating over an amazing landscape. View from a flyby camera or right from the balloon s basket! Customize the Hot Air Balloon s design with your very own. Use your own pictures and watch the screensaver like a photo album
Tags: screensaver, photo, jpg, photos, system, word, design, sound, pictures, color, amazing, camera, watch, resource, texture, sky, relaxing, wind, for,

csXGraph 1.5  csXGraph 1.5

ActiveX/OCX control to draw 2D pie charts, bar charts & line graphs. As well as displaying the graphs they can be exported to file in gif, png, bmp, jpg or pcx format. Output can be exported as binary data for use with web applications, or copied to the clipboard. A comprehensive selection of proper
Tags: file, web, data, control, jpg, client, chart, bar, lines, display, multiple, pcx, random, line, draw, binary, charts, graphs, pie, properties, for, available, barchart, formatting,

CSPrintingEngine  CSPrintingEngine

Add print functionality to your applications. CSPrintEngine is a powerful COM component designed for software developers to have access to printing, printing made easy. No need to learn how to print from Windows, this component can do it for you! Developed to provide a unique way of thinking to your
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File Ace 1.04  File Ace 1.04

File Ace is the ultimate file management utility suite. It simplifies complex and time consuming file tasks by providing tools that are powerful yet flexible and efficient. File Ace is perfect for those that work with any significant amount of files and directories. This includes those with music, v
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Windows Partition Data Recovery Software  Windows Partition Data Recovery Software

Damaged corrupted Windows NTFS FAT data retrieval recovery software operates upon FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 file system. The software recovers accidentally formatted or deleted audio video pictures photos images mp3 movies restore MS Word Excel Access Power point retrieve doc xls mdb
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Digital Camera Pictures Recovery  Digital Camera Pictures Recovery

Digital camera pictures video photos recovery software repair restore rescue fix deleted lost missing music sound movie clips files folders midi avi gif quicktime mpeg. Data retrieval utility undelete unformat unerase corrupted images from removable media Hard disk USB drive mobile iPod flash memory
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Free image converter. Support convert multi page tif to multi page pdf, convert jpg to pdf, convert jpg to tif, bmp to pdf, support tif compression ,Packbits, LZW, CCITT G.3 and G.4. image grayscale, bmp to png, jpg to png, jpg to bmp. set PDF information PDF author, keyword, title, creator.
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DwgConverter DWG to JPG Converter  DwgConverter DWG to JPG Converter

DWG to jpg Converter is a batch converter converts DWG/DXF to jpg without need of AutoCAD. It supports AutoCAD version R9 to latest version AutoCAD 2007.
Tags: converter, jpg, batch, version,

Quick Screen Capture 2.2.89  Quick Screen Capture 2.2.89

Quick Screen Capture is a screen capture and image editing tool that can capture any part of your screen. You can make professional screen shots and save them as bmp, png, pcx,tif,gif or jpg files. Amor Screen Capture can capture the entire screen, a window, program menus, scrolling windows, DirectX
Tags: screen, image, tool, program, time, jpg, print, edit, capture, make, copy, digital, help, creating, message, save, screencapture, camera, auto, editing, productivity, professional, snapshot, into, digitalcamera, options, improve, scrolling, useful, imageediting, increase, part,

Best Flobo PSD Recovery 2.5  Best Flobo PSD Recovery 2.5

Flobo PSD Recovery is a UNIQUE FREE application that performs recovery of PSD Photoshop file format to new jpg files. If your graphic files needed for your web site or graphic designed are corrupted this is the right solution.
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Html2image Linux 2.0.2007.608  Html2image Linux 2.0.2007.608

Have you ever wanted a solution for converting html to image on Linux? Html2Image for Linux is a command line tool that can convert html to image on Linux platform. html2image linux now solves this problem. It is a standalone tool package that can generate raster image from html content. The htm
Tags: file, image, convert, html, tool, program, server, component, control, jpg, images, jpeg, php, batch, png, remote, compression, http, programming, page, linux, generate, commandline, url, line, name, support, snapshot, processing, into, converting, package, call, command, local, quality, solution, applications, https, raster, mini, languages, now, for, useful,

Html To Image 2.0.2007.708  Html To Image 2.0.2007.708

Html To Image helps you convert html page from any URL to image or thumbnails easily and quickly. It captures the whole web page s content into JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or GIF on the fly. Html To Image can be seamlessly integrated with your Internet Explorer. After installed, you can access html to imag
Tags: file, image, convert, html, web, search, flash, text, gif, files, menu, jpg, images, access, conversion, explorer, batch, png, site, format, log, compression, save, thumbnail, folders, page, mouse, window, error, content, webpage, name, thumbnails, into, converting, local, pages, drop, for, webpages, context,

Buddy Icon Grabber 1.04  Buddy Icon Grabber 1.04

Buddy Icon Grabber is designed to extract high quality icons from application files (exe, dll), icon files (ico), and icon list files (icl) and save to ico, bmp, jpg files without color disortion. Buddy Icon Grabber can import all icons from an exe, dll, ico, or icl files. And it can also search
Tags: file, search, files, jpg, export, icon, extract, color, list, application, save, import, view, icons, folders, lost, source, size, limit,

Website Extractor 9.60  Website Extractor 9.60

The Web Site Extractor program is conveniently designed to download Internet websites exactly the way you want them, including or excluding any parts you need or don t need (such as directory, domain and file names, types of files, their size or any other properties). The Extractor can download up t
Tags: download, file, html, web, search, program, data, time, server, files, jpg, filter, list, using, transfer, directory, navigation, words, proxy, key, documents, user, size, run, settings, domain, automatically, errors, filtering, pages, options, limit, matching, websites, parts, for, webpages, directories, select, robot, proxyserver, hyperlinks,

FotoDVD 2.1 build21  FotoDVD 2.1 build21

A tool to archive digital photos into DVD/SVCD/VCD compatible MPEG files with hundreds of transition effects and audio. The transformation includes photo to dvd, photo to vcd, photo to mpeg, jpg to mpg and jpg to mpeg.You can creat photo video, photo show on DVD/SVCD/VCD easily. These files can also
Tags: tool, photo, files, mpeg, jpg, photos, digital, mpg, archive, show, effects, into, transition, digitalphotos,


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