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7art Tropical Clock ScreenSaver 1.5  7art Tropical Clock ScreenSaver 1.5

Put a tropical island to your desktop! Sunny green palms, exotic birds, crawling crab and magical shell clock are going to cheer your moods and always tell the exact time. Let the clouds reflecting in crystall blue water to take you into amazing journey and fill your heart with miraculous
Tags: clock, amazing, water, shell, into, fill, tropical, heart, island, clouds,

Alax.Info NTFS Links 1.1  Alax.Info NTFS Links 1.1

Alax.Info NTFS Links extends Microsoft Windows XP operating system shell by adding additional features related to soft and hard links supported by NTFS file system. Shell extensions include: Added new item to directory context menus to accept dropped directories as soft links. Added new item to
Tags: file, files, system, icon, directory, clipboard, display, link, shell, links, menus, number, hard, paste, soft, shortcut, info, column, directories, features, overlay, context, extensions,

txt2regex 0.8  txt2regex 0.8

Txt2regex is a Regular Expression wizard that converts human sentences to regexes. In a simple interactive interface, you just answer to questions and build your own regex for a large variety of softwares and programming languages: AWK, ed, egrep, Emacs, expect, find, gawk, grep, lex, lisp, mawk, M
Tags: information, script, automatic, programming, table, shell, wizard, simple, smart, interactive, support, build, command, group, questions, balance, for, features, generation,

Belkasoft RemovEx 1.01  Belkasoft RemovEx 1.01

Belkasoft RemovEx allows you to disable Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer plugins (so called shell extensions). The product shows you all types of extension modules existing in your system. You can select any one you would like to disable and later enable it back. Detailed information is shown
Tags: tool, menu, explorer, help, information, remove, shell, buttons, custom, disable, toolbars, extension, product, property, select, desk,

Belkasoft RemovEx Pro 2.01  Belkasoft RemovEx Pro 2.01

Belkasoft RemovEx Pro allows you to disable Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer plugins (so called shell extensions). The product shows you all types of extension modules existing in your system. You can select any one you would like to disable and later enable it back. Detailed information is sh
Tags: tool, menu, system, explorer, help, information, remove, report, show, shell, buttons, custom, disable, version, toolbars, extension, product, property, select, generation, extensions, desk,

ChScite 1.55  ChScite 1.55

ChSciTE is a Ch programming language IDE (Integrated Development Environment ) to edit and run C, Ch and C++ programs. Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing and embedded scripting. It supports international langu
Tags: edit, programming, language, source, shell, open, run, languages, for, international, computing,

FineCrypt Archiver 1.2  FineCrypt Archiver 1.2

FineCrypt Archiver is a powerful but easy to use file encryption software for protecting files on your computer with strong encryption algorithms. FineCrypt Archiver integrates with Windows shell so that you can encrypt and decrypt files from within Windows Explorer or desktop. You can choose for en
Tags: software, file, files, encryption, computer, encrypt, shell, decrypt, hard, fileencryption, protecting, encryptionsoftware, deletion, for, powerful, wiper,

Archive & Restore  Archive & Restore

Archive & Restore enables you to put away and save different versions of files and folders. Files are stored separately, either compressed or in their original format. Put away rarely used files into other folders on your hard drive, a file server on a local area network or on disks. The access wil
Tags: file, search, network, program, server, files, access, website, restore, code, document, information, save, folders, page, source, shell, open, sourcecode, hard, area, into, version, original, local, properties,

Screenshot Captor 2.32.01  Screenshot Captor 2.32.01

Screenshot Captor is designed for grabbing lots of screenshots with minimal intervention. It has great multimon suport and includes a full image explorer with full shell functionality and unsurpassed integration with external tools like graphic editors, watermarkers, etc. Screenshot Captor also supp
Tags: image, tools, capture, explorer, tiff, graphic, effects, shell, user, automatically, enhance, active, for, locate, integration,

Smart Wallpaper Lite 3.1  Smart Wallpaper Lite 3.1

Smart Wallpaper Lite is a powerful and easy to use wallpaper manager for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. This tool will automatically change wallpaper on each Windows startup or at specified time intervals. This application is very simple to use. You can configure all options in the main window. Ju
Tags: screensaver, screen, desktop, tool, picture, program, manager, control, wallpaper, menu, images, system, folder, pictures, icon, application, icons, change, display, shell, tray, startup, simple, random, number, line, automatically, function, command, options, lists, for, changing, configure, adjust, available, powerful, placement,

Absolute Password Protector 1.0.547  Absolute Password Protector 1.0.547

Absolute Password Protector is a strong steganography utility that securely encrypts files. The program makes your secret photos, videos or messages invisible for unwanted people. Absolute Password Protector hides your secret data so that presence of the hidden data is undetectable. Encrypted contai
Tags: utility, password, search, program, data, time, files, recovery, utilities, encryption, secure, protection, make, digital, speed, encrypt, send, mouse, shell, passwords, best, passwordrecovery, hidden, simple, decrypt, safety, start, messages, into, click, storage, market, invisible, secret, passwordprotection, attack, encrypted, videos, noise, field, second, steganography, for, solutions, archives,

Microangelo Toolset 6.10.7  Microangelo Toolset 6.10.7

Create and edit icons for all Windows platforms, including Windows Vista, with Toolset s icon editor. Toolset includes four integrated components that work together, allowing you to view, locate, extract and replace icons, eliminate duplicates, and manipulate all image formats. From smooth, well bal
Tags: software, image, graphics, edit, tools, find, icon, extract, icons, change, replace, shell, components, commandline, colors, line, support, eliminate, build, work, update, automatically, command, transparency, cursors, receive, for, option,

Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java 7.10  Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java 7.10

Resource Standard Metrics is a source code metrics and quality analysis tool for ANSI C, ANSI C++, C and Java for use on all Windows and UNIX operating systems. The speed, ease of use and portability of RSM make it unlike any other source code analysis tool on the market today. RSM provides standar
Tags: file, tool, files, make, code, creating, format, collection, analysis, project, language, source, shell, multiple, user, sourcecode, reports, number, start, run, analyze, into, market, command, customize, automated, quality, syntax, value, configuration, languages, input, grammar, for, features, license, functions, enterprise, standard, systems, comma, hyperlinks,

Babala for Linux 0.4.0  Babala for Linux 0.4.0

Babala is a fun and fanciful game suitable for all ages. You fend off the enemy muggers (they can t shoot) on a basic grid, amid obstacles and booby traps. The game s defining features are mercifully simple but don t be fooled, because it gets tough as nails to beat as the levels progress. It s all
Tags: software, game, download, file, system, fun, easy, record, help, script, remote, test, rm, display, shell, best, simple, basic, war, levels, set, score, for, features, enemy, dog, scores, cute, standard, replay, complete, available, beat,

MultiStart 1.3  MultiStart 1.3

MultiStart is a shell extension for Windows 95/98. The program fits to the trayicon bar and serves to summarize to groups and to start simultaneously various applications. Arbitrarily many program groups can be created and arbitrarily many files may be assigned to them. The software builds a popup m
Tags: software, program, files, menu, bar, mouse, shell, simple, start, click, extension, execute, for, part,

EasyConsole 1.2  EasyConsole 1.2

EasyConsole Dos shell utility lets you navigate in drives and through folders using Windows issuing DOS commands on a slave MSDOS console, saving command line instructions for future use. Last 20 commands are memorized and you will be able to store 10 long most used or favorite command lines on 1
Tags: utility, exe, batch, using, folders, lines, shell, tasks, buttons, store, launch, run, click, type, typing, command, favorite, for, drives, navigate, memorize,

Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 5.0  Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 5.0

Complete ebook tutorial and reference on shell scripting with Bash in Linux/UNIX/BSD. This is the equivalent of a 850 page printed book. It is an official Linux Documentation Project ( Guide.
Tags: ebook, shell, scripting, tutorial, reference,

Shell Reset  Shell Reset

Debugging of Shell extensions is a simple process. Its general principes are described in the article Debugging Shell Extensions Using Delphi on our website. But some things still made developers unhappy . They are: * DLL s are locked by applications (for caching purposes) and you are unable
Tags: access, project, shutdown, shell, tasks, hidden, simple, settings, applications, debug, solve, features, modify, useful, develop, locked, available, extensions, debugging,

PropertyEditor 4.03  PropertyEditor 4.03

PropertyEditor is a context menu extension for Windows Explorer. Upon installation, it adds a host of new property editing abilities. It lets you configure the context menu for the selected files, folders, and drives, change icons for the selected files and folders, create a report about the content
Tags: file, program, create, files, menu, system, access, folder, space, disk, tools, make, help, report, memory, learn, organize, drive, icons, change, shell, content, quick, editing, reports, size, simple, hard, support, into, removing, good, extension, customize, encrypted, options, usage, host, multilingual, now, property, faster, for, diskspace, configure, context, standard, filesystem,

MGSplit 1.2  MGSplit 1.2

MG Split is a file split utility that can be used to split large files into smaller chunks, so they can be easily copied to floppy disks or sent by email. What distinguishes MG Split from other file split utilities is the built in ability to handle email messages. You can execute a split session tha
Tags: email, file, utility, mail, files, utilities, system, disk, batch, script, format, split, merge, shell, multiple, user, run, messages, hard, setup, detect, set, into, automatically, original, floppy, feature, execute, for, splitting, mode, standard, option, session,

4Musics CD Ripper 4.0  4Musics CD Ripper 4.0

4Musics CD Ripper excellent CD Ripping tool. With 4Musics CD Ripper you can make your music library in the easiest and the fastest way. This program is intended and especialy convinient for automatic (batch) conversion of music CDs. The program is fairly simple to use. Main program features a
Tags: file, convert, music, program, files, wma, ogg, library, space, conversion, easy, make, fast, information, format, using, automatic, save, drive, change, mouse, source, shell, advanced, simple, deleted, hard, harddrive, set, into, converting, automatically, click, customize, interface, comparison, encoding, switch, sample, for, bitrate, features, select, big, freespace, registration, easiest,

Autorun CD Studio 2.12  Autorun CD Studio 2.12

Enjoy 6 simple wizard steps that help you convert your Webpage design into full featured, stand alone win32 autorun(autoplay) CD/DVD frontend programs. plus a set of macros for disk file and shell access(execute/open file, browse CD, etc.). Detailed instant help right at your fingertips, and lots mo
Tags: file, convert, program, design, disk, autorun, help, autoplay, personal, shell, wizard, browse, simple, instant, set, win32, into, love, solution, for, macros,

Abacre File Encryptor 1.0  Abacre File Encryptor 1.0

With Abacre File Encryptor you may encrypt any files or folders by using 39 advanced encryption algorithms (CAST, Blowfish, Twofish, Rijndael and others). Files maybe encrypted into either one single file either individually. Itís also possible to compress files during encryption so the resulting fi
Tags: email, file, password, program, text, files, recovery, system, encryption, disk, computer, recover, batch, encrypt, remove, client, using, transfer, compress, messenger, folders, automation, home, show, send, shell, filerecovery, tray, commandline, advanced, button, wipe, size, decrypt, instant, line, set, into, click, command, encrypted, instantmessenger, favorite, for, integration, question, emailclient,

ABF CD Shell 1.0  ABF CD Shell 1.0

ABF CD Shell is a constructor set for fast creating of different CD, DVD, and other catalogue shells. You need only to create one configuration file and your shell is ready. The configuration file is a usual *.INI file with the same name as program s EXE. Config contains information about each item
Tags: file, program, create, fast, information, creating, shell, button, name, set, catalogue, group, configuration, for,

ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit 2.1  ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit 2.1

Toolkit to enhance your applications or scripts with client/server network socket communication, automated telnet sessions, wake up on lan (Wake On Lan, WOL), RSH (remote shell script) capabilities and more. Use this component with ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C++, Visual C
Tags: network, create, online, component, control, menu, tools, development, computer, client, lan, script, application, using, remote, view, scripts, query, shell, passwords, tasks, automate, connection, run, telnet, automated, enhance, applications, configuration, for, wakeup, servers, socket,

Automatic Shell MP3 Tagger 1.18  Automatic Shell MP3 Tagger 1.18

The automatic shell MP3 tagger (ASMT) is a simple easy to use tool for music collectors. It integrates directly into windows explorer, which means you can right click on a folder and have the tagger do all the work for you! The MP3 tagger connects to an extensive online music database (
Tags: windows, mp3, database, tool, music, search, online, files, organizer, folder, easy, information, list, automatic, collection, directory, shell, tag, simple, id3, name, work, into, automatically, click, for, select, tags, available, id3tags,

All Converter 6.0.2  All Converter 6.0.2

All Converter is a powerful, all in one, multimedia application converting the media files among the most popular media formats.With All Converter,you can convert MP3 to WAV,MP3 to WMA ,MP3 to OGG,MP3 to VQF, WAV to MP3,WAV to WMA,WAV to OGG,WAV to VQF,WMA to MP3, WMA to OGG,WMA to VQF,OGG to MP3,OG
Tags: windows, file, convert, files, menu, play, easy, explorer, multimedia, make, computer, batch, application, media, manage, mouse, shell, work, into, converting, automatically, popular, dialog, windowsexplorer, select,

Game Show Presenter 4.3  Game Show Presenter 4.3

Help people pay attention to any subject! This presentation tool helps you make your message fun by creating a funny, customized game show to fit your topic and audience. This game show presentation shell takes care of all the details, so all you need to do is write your multiple choice quiz, name y
Tags: game, tool, fun, graphics, sound, easy, make, write, creating, automatic, message, presentation, effect, show, shell, name, quiz, funny, love, quality, host, for, select, improve, scores, players, people, review,

TIFFProp 1.2  TIFFProp 1.2

The TIFFProp property sheet shell extension for Microsoft Windows (tm) is a utility for inspecting the contents of TIFF image files. TIFFProp allows the rapid and detailed inspection of many varieties of TIFF files contents. It integrates intuitively with the shell allowing a few clicks from the fil
Tags: software, file, image, utility, tool, data, text, files, design, explorer, development, help, using, save, shell, documents, tag, support, paste, processing, power, extension, sheet, drop, workflow, property, for, structure, draganddrop, contents,

Aston Secure Desktop 1.9.2  Aston Secure Desktop 1.9.2

Aston Secure Desktop is a security build of Aston 1.x branch. It possesses all the features of regular Aston shell, but constrains the ability to alter the admin defined settings. This restricted version is highly recommended to Internet cafes and kiosks administrators, colleges and companies auth
Tags: security, screen, desktop, time, system, folder, programs, find, copy, computer, kids, folders, change, date, shell, tweak, admin, user, restrict, beautiful, start, build, settings, area, set, version, hotkey, customize, applications, case, switch, for, features, tabs, mode, users, configure, available, powerful, out,


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