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Windows Install & Recovery package includes three tools: Windows Recovery, Windows Installation and Data Transfer. Windows Recovery provides a complete solution to recover your Windows such as registry recovery, partition table recovery, lost/missing files recovery and so on. If you have experien
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Rip and Unprotect is an ultimate DVD ripping and backup tool. It can rip your DVD to AVI, iPod Format, PSP Format, VCD, WMV or SVCD. The fast and accurate ripping engine takes makes your dvd ripping job easy. Furthermore, you can backup your DVD to your hard drive for viewing or burning purposes. Th
Tags: software, file, image, backup, time, system, sound, make, copy, fast, speed, format, compress, movies, split, drive, rip, size, engine, hard, job, settings, harddrive, into, burning, ripping, quality, disc, accurate, ultimate, for, loss,


Convert DVD to iPod is a fast and efficient software to convert your DVD to iPod video format. Additionally, you can also convert your DVD to other popular video formats such as VCD,SVCD,AVI,MPEG or DivX. The software will automatically detect your CPU type and optimized the conversion process to en
Tags: software, convert, video, audio, system, conversion, easy, fast, format, process, settings, detect, converting, automatically, type, volume, popular, expert, input, for,

12Ghosts Clip 8.11  12Ghosts Clip 8.11

Easily make screen shots of the whole screen or of single windows. Screen shots can be helpful to store information you come across. You may easily create pictures of what you see on the screen for a documentation about a website or a software program, for example. Screen shots will also help softwa
Tags: software, screen, picture, create, website, pictures, make, help, information, application, window, store, shot, support, area, into, automatically, documentation, active, clip, hotkeys, problem, for, snap, attach,

12Ghosts FileDate 8.11  12Ghosts FileDate 8.11

Set the date and time created, modified, and last accessed to single files or complete folders. Mask the time you really created a document, or hide the time you last accessed it. You can preserve date modified for a complete folder tree easily, for example after restoring files from a backup. Feat
Tags: software, time, files, folder, tree, date, hide, user, number, line, support, version, automated, interface, for, complete, userinterface, graphical, modified,

Freeware Browser 4.0  Freeware Browser 4.0

Freeware Browser is a freeware themed web browser that delivers easy navigation to freeware and software related websites. Freeware Browser is equipped with an integrated search engine utilizing the popular software search engines and allows you to quickly switch among your search results using tabs
Tags: software, freeware, web, shareware, search, access, website, browser, easy, using, save, toolbar, navigation, links, engine, webbrowser, searchengine, automatically, popular, favorite, switch, websites, engines,

PokerKasino 1  PokerKasino 1

Poker Casino with Jackpot, Bonus and First visitors become 100. Euro Gratis in Poker Casino. Gratis software download Play your game in Poker Casino.
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Gogo DVD To 3gp Converter  Gogo DVD To 3gp Converter

Gogo DVD to 3gp Converter is the freeware, easiest to use and fastest DVD to 3gp mobile phone converter. With very simple settings, the software convert 3gp file super easily and fast! AAC (advanced audio coding) is supported when you rip DVD to 3GP, this can help you get better audio quality on
Tags: software, file, convert, video, converter, audio, flash, help, mobile, format, phone, split, rip, simple, settings, into, flv, type, preview, function, ripping, quality, mobilephone, rate, for, select,

Gogo DVD To Flv Converter  Gogo DVD To Flv Converter

Gogo DVD to Flv Converter is the easiest to use and fastest DVD to Flv flash converter software. It is also powerful DVD rip software which helps you convert DVD to flv flash Video format format , put DVD on website with great quality. With very simple settings, the software convert FLV file super
Tags: software, mp3, file, convert, video, converter, audio, flash, files, website, format, split, rip, simple, professional, into, flv, function, quality, flashconverter, for, select, powerful,

Gogo DVD To Zune Converter  Gogo DVD To Zune Converter

Gogo DVD to Zune Converter is The fastest software to convert DVD to Zune, and transfer DVD directly to your Zune with both video and audio., put DVD on Zune with great quality, super fast converting speed! With the DVD to Zune converter it is now easy to convert your DVDs and movie clips to Zune v
Tags: software, file, convert, video, converter, audio, wmv, mp4, easy, fast, movie, format, transfer, split, settings, converting, type, preview, function, ripping, quality, zune, rate, now, for, select, clips,

ABWelcome 0.1.0  ABWelcome 0.1.0

ABWelcome the program for fun and good mood! This software lets your computer more freindly. ABWelcome display greeting message after loading operation system.This is powerful desktop enhancements tool. This program working only under MS Windows 9x, 2000, XP.
Tags: software, desktop, program, fun, computer, message, display, good, for, greeting, powerful, desktopenhancements,

AB Complete Ping 3.00  AB Complete Ping 3.00

It allows you to ping one or more IP addresses, to scan a network for shared resources and to scan a computer for open ports. The software can notify you by e mail if the IP address is or is not responding. It can play an wave file on notifying. You can ping only once or you can ping the IP address(
Tags: software, file, network, time, play, scan, computer, address, wave, ping, open, insert, notify, resources, for, addresses, shared,

AB Password Generator 2.33  AB Password Generator 2.33

AB Password Generator creates random passwords. It can generate one random password or a list of random passwords. If you generate only one, the password will be shown in a message box and will be copied automatically to windows clipboard; in other case the list will be saved in a *.txt file at your
Tags: software, windows, file, password, text, list, message, generate, passwords, random, automatically, numbers, case, length, box, letters,

AB Safe Deletion 2.08  AB Safe Deletion 2.08

A small utility that allows you to delete securily any file with sensitive data. Before the file is erased, this software destroys all the data contained by the file. Once the file is deleted, he cannot be recover with any tool. You can erase one or more files or a directory with all the subdirector
Tags: software, file, utility, data, files, delete, recover, directory, erase, mouse, small, 0,

AB Screen Locker 3.62  AB Screen Locker 3.62

A small utility that allows you to lock your screen. Any key combinations (like CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+TAB or CTRL+ESC) are disabled, the mouse cursor is hidden, the taskbar is hidden and all the desktop icons are hidden too. If the system is restarted, this software will automatically load with Windows
Tags: software, screen, desktop, utility, password, system, fast, application, lock, icons, mouse, key, hidden, small, automatically, type, cursor, taskbar, character, load, length, unlock,

AB System Spy 5.00  AB System Spy 5.00

It allows you to record any activity on your computer. The log file can be saved in TXT or HTM format. It will record all the keys pressed, pastes from clipboard, all the running processes. A scheduler, a screen capturer are included. If you save the log in HTML format, it will be added a link to th
Tags: software, file, screen, image, desktop, picture, time, protect, access, easy, capture, make, record, application, log, save, link, window, browse, launch, colors, run, activity, keys, fonts, logs, logfile, focus,

Acritum Oneclick BackUp for WinRAR 2.17.5  Acritum Oneclick BackUp for WinRAR 2.17.5

One click BackUp (OCB) is a powerful but easy to use file backup manager for WinRAR. RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP compression, providing better file safety and secrecy. OCB is capable of creating RAR and ZIP archives, as well as self extracting EXE archives
Tags: software, file, web, backup, network, program, time, manager, files, control, system, access, protection, folder, browser, find, computer, extract, notification, creating, schedule, log, using, remote, compression, compress, folders, scheduler, send, key, shutdown, window, error, tray, content, tasks, startup, store, process, hidden, safety, start, webbrowser, remotecontrol, work, automatically, command, interface, remoteaccess, filebackup, execute, real, for, hibernate, features, useful, logfile, increase, standard, complete, powerful, out, archives,

Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.03  Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.03

Sophisticated Rename is a powerful Windows utility that simplifies the batch processing of various types of files, including photos and music. The most prominent feature of the program is that it doesn t use predefined rules of renaming. You specify the rules for a renaming task with the help of
Tags: software, file, utility, music, editor, program, data, time, files, photos, plugin, viewer, programs, find, restore, extract, help, batch, log, save, task, change, date, multiple, tag, rename, templates, user, template, safety, processing, into, preview, original, local, day, insert, case, feature, real, shift, parts, solve, for, names, changing, patterns, rules, useful, servers, renaming, contents, powerful,


A comprehensive accounting software Target, a complete accounting software that handles Financial Accounting, Billing including Excise , Inventory (batch wise / location wise ), Sales Tax Reports , Excise reports / Registers , Job work management, consignment sales , customized billing formats and o
Tags: software, time, report, accounting, billing, forms, sales, multiple, reports, work, location, product, creation, alerts, complete, available, wise, accountingsoftware,

AFlow 3.50  AFlow 3.50

Let s assume you need a custom software utility or application, and you re looking for an affordable solution, or you just prefer to develop it yourself. You probably have scarce programming skills, or you just want to expand your skills without need to memorize and type in a lot of keywords, specia
Tags: software, file, database, utility, tool, program, data, design, sound, tools, make, write, help, code, graphic, application, using, form, icons, programming, manage, display, commandline, advanced, custom, simple, line, support, build, set, work, type, command, engineering, interface, writing, skills, for, units, meeting, addresses, develop, users, objects, arithmetic, focus, special, memorize, editors, affordable,

ArtIcons 5.17  ArtIcons 5.17

ArtIcons provides great opportunities for working with Windows XP and Windows Vista icons. You will be able to handle Vista Icons with ease. In order to make Vista icons compatible with Windows XP you can save them without any compression. Vista Icons introduce a new style of iconography that bri
Tags: software, picture, program, time, images, disk, programs, make, icon, help, document, list, compression, save, visual, icons, advanced, documents, size, thumbnails, quality, style, for, improve, users, cast, standard, alpha,

ArtIcons Pro 5.17  ArtIcons Pro 5.17

ArtIcons Pro provides great opportunities for working with Windows XP and Windows Vista icons. You will be able to handle Vista Icons with ease. In order to make Vista icons compatible with Windows XP you can save them without any compression. Vista Icons introduce a new style of iconography that
Tags: software, picture, program, time, images, disk, programs, make, icon, help, document, list, compression, save, visual, icons, advanced, documents, size, thumbnails, quality, style, for, improve, users, cast, standard, alpha,

AKVIS Decorator 1.3  AKVIS Decorator 1.3

The Decorator plugin allows changing the surface of an object in a realistic manner. Select a part of an image a dress on a girl, a car, a piece of furniture, etc, and apply new textures to it. The girl can have her dress painted in lovely patterns, dotted or chequered, appear as if made of velvet
Tags: software, image, photo, program, online, nature, plugin, design, easy, color, show, window, button, simple, colors, food, volume, scale, pattern, object, texture, surface, feature, natural, snake, for, features, select, customers, shop, changing, patterns, brightness, useful, wood, adjust, frequency, room, part,

AKVIS Frame Suite 1.0  AKVIS Frame Suite 1.0

AKVIS Frame Suite is an impressing collection of edge effects for decoration of photos. The software offers a great variety of photo frame versions (from classic to most fancy frame samples) as well as gives an opportunity to generate a frame out of user patterns. Artistic: A photo frame gives an
Tags: software, file, image, photo, program, photos, make, color, graphic, collection, save, classic, effects, generate, user, birthday, transparent, version, original, frame, pattern, frames, for, complete, available, out,

AKVIS Noise Buster 4.0  AKVIS Noise Buster 4.0

AKVIS Noise Buster is software for noise suppression on digital and scanned images. Digital cameras opened the door to easy and entertaining photography. However, consumer digital cameras also have their drawbacks: they often produce the so called digital noise. It can be seen as grains that compr
Tags: software, windows, image, program, images, photos, easy, programs, digital, color, camera, home, generate, window, skin, advanced, size, random, number, instant, small, support, professional, processing, click, preview, switch, noise, red, compact, for, useful, pixel, tweaking, imageprocessing,

AKVIS Retoucher 2.9  AKVIS Retoucher 2.9

AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient software for photo restoration and photo retouching. Retoucher does not only remove dust, scratches, stains and other defects that appear on damaged photos but is also able to reconstruct the lacking parts of the photo using the information of the surrounding areas. T
Tags: software, tool, photo, photos, plugin, restore, color, information, remove, archive, using, family, date, magic, editing, small, damaged, work, removing, surface, parts, for, improve, available, part, restoration,

A.L.A.R.M. 1.01  A.L.A.R.M. 1.01

Imagine sitting in front of your laptop in an unprotected area (university, library, at work) and you have to leave it unattended for a short period of time. That s where A.L.A.R.M. comes into play. It silently sits in your system tray until you lock your workstation. If now somebody removes the A/C
Tags: software, file, system, sound, play, media, lock, alarm, source, tray, best, open, connection, area, into, power, laptop, now, for, back, theft, period, eyes,

Txt2Html 2.9.2  Txt2Html 2.9.2

Txt2Html is the award winning software that allows you to convert your old text files to HTML format or create new HTML files easily. The main idea of Txt2Html is to search for the main units of the text and apply HTML tags to them. Txt2Html detects: paragraphs; headings; epigraph; lists; tabl
Tags: software, file, convert, web, tool, search, create, text, files, menu, help, format, compression, table, generate, templates, publish, size, original, customize, for, units, tags, mode, context, option,

BankStep 2.1  BankStep 2.1

BankStep is a software emulation of hardware bank sequencers found in the big analog synthesizers, that produce control for the sound but not the sound itself. Instead of analog control voltages BankStep produces MIDI (and can make standard MIDI music files). Otherwise, BankStep functionally emulate
Tags: software, music, create, control, menu, sound, make, creating, button, number, smart, start, module, label, soft, set, work, hardware, automatically, layout, bank, columns, points, analog, switch, input, connect, red, sequencer, for, big, composing, standard, available, top, part, sequence,

SoftStep 3.2  SoftStep 3.2

SoftStep is a modular MIDI step sequencer patterned after the modular analog step sequencers. The big ones, with lots of knobs and blinky lights. But SoftStep goes far beyond its step sequencer roots, to give you algorithmic composing tools of all kinds, including fractal, chaos, probability, and nu
Tags: software, file, image, web, music, program, data, create, sound, play, easy, tools, make, information, animated, visual, beyond, background, simple, module, dynamic, into, version, scale, rhythm, insert, stream, combine, analog, connect, chord, fractal, sequencer, for, harmony, modify, patterns, tempo, drives, notation, big, composing, creative, standard, biological, musical, review, changes, musicnotation,


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