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Dawnspire: Prelude 20061012

Join the fray and try out Dawnspire: Prelude! Visit for more information, game media, forums and more! The game is a team based online action RPG set in a fantasy setting. The game focuses on teamplay, tactics and player skill. It features four different playable classes, persis

Diamond Hunter

I went down the steps into the area of a house. My eye was taken by something bright. Diamond! Collect diamonds and run to exit, collect them all to open the door. On the way you will run intro enemies running to avoid those enemies. Full 3D. 5 level free. Requirements: You must have a video ca

Faogen 1.6

Fast Ambient Occlusion Generator. Use your video card GPU to compute ambient occlusion really fast. Support both texture and per vertex calculation. Faogen itself uses hardware shadow mapping, floating point render targets and OpenGL Shading Language to compute ambient occlusion data. This proces

flower screensaver 1.2

A beautiful red rose lying on the stones at the shore of some dreamy lake. Who brought it here? Maybe it waits for someone? Throughout the ages, the red rose has been the ultimate expression of passion and love. Also, it can stand for respect and courage. This flower can become a romantic gift to

Video Card Stability Test

Free Video Card Stress Testing! + Free Benchmark the speed of your 3D graphics video card! + Free 3D Screensaver! You must have a video card which is DirectX 9.0 compatible. Recommended: GeForce2 / Radeon 8500 or b