Perl Express 2.5

  Perl Express 2.5
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Perl Express 2.5

Perl Express 2.5
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A free integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl with multiple tools for writing and debugging your scripts. It features multiple CGI scripts for editing, running, and debugging; multiple input files; full server simulation; queries created from an internal Web browser or query editor; test MySQL, MS Access scripts; interective I/O; directory window; code library; and code templates. Perl Express allows you to set environment variables used for running and debugging script. It has a customizable code editor with syntax highlighting, unlimited text size, printing, line numbering, bookmarks, column selection, a search-and-replace engine, multilevel undo/redo operations, and so on.

Tags: editor, text, server, browser, tools, development, code, test, scripts, directory, query, multiple, line, set, writing, syntax, input, environment, column, for


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