AstroAvenger 1.70

  AstroAvenger 1.70
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AstroAvenger 1.70

AstroAvenger 1.70
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If you have not played AstroAvenger, you have no idea what a cool space shooter is. Using advanced 3D technology, AstroAvenger features top-notch graphics, excellent sound effects and tons of blasting fun. The question is can you handle so much space fighting?

AstroAvenger is split into 5 different worlds (galaxies), each with 10 levels (a total of fifty). As you move on, your opponents become more dangerous and deadly, before you finally encounter “level Boss”. The good news is you get money for each destroyed enemy battleship. With this money, you can turn your rather average spaceship into a space fortress. You can buy power-ups for your weapons and replace old weapon systems new ones. Likewise, you can upgrade your armor and batteries (which is essential, since each laser blast or plasma shot consumes quite a bit of energy). And it’s sure a good idea to stock up on rockets and bombs, which act as a backup weapon when situation becomes dire.

The trick with AstroAvenger is that you have to plan carefully and conserve your resources. Coming up with a right spaceship improvement strategy can save a lot of troubles later on in the game. Likewise, making a mistake in the very beginning may make finishing the game nearly impossible. The good news is that the registered users can save the game and load it later.

AstroAvenger is published by the same folks who brought you AirStrike 3D, so you can be sure that the game meets demands of the most insistent space shooter fans and scrolling game aficionados.

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