Atomic Cannon 2.6

  Atomic Cannon 2.6
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Atomic Cannon 2.6

Atomic Cannon 2.6
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The ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction! Prepare for an action packed battle leading tanks to global domination. Atomic Cannon features 85 powerful weapons and 25 deformable scenic landscapes to wage war on. Additional features include death match and round based game modes, multiplayer mode with up to 16 players, real time smoke trails, weather effects, real physics, and five music tracks.

Atomic Cannon features two types of game play including a point based round mode, and a death match mode where you fight to the end. Players take turns shooting at each other, and shot trajectories are calculated using real physics. There are also weather effects such as rain, snow, and dust storms that effect game play.

You can blast your enemy with a vast array of weapons. Some weapons have radioactive effects that harm your opponents over time. Other weapons create landmasses you can use to your tactical advantage to hide behind as cover. Your arsenal is outfitted with numerous types of weapons including guns, bombs, missiles, rockets, and nukes.

The landscape you battle on is randomly generated each round. There are six types of land formations including flat, hill, gulley, plateau, slope, and random. Each formation can be in one of the game s 25 diverse environments. Atomic Cannon supports scrollable landscapes, so your fight can be over a short distance or can span multiple screens. The battlefield is always altering because each shot changes the landscape s shape, creating vast craters or high mountains.

The game allows up to eight human teams and eight computer teams battling at the same time, ensuring a customizable experience that can include your friends and family. Each team can have up to five tanks. The game features a dynamic set of music tracks to enhance the mood of your battle experience. Weapons have their own unique sound effects for firing and hitting their target.

Tags: game, music, create, time, action, sound, play, computer, creating, using, effect, hide, effects, multiplayer, mass, multiple, shot, weather, war, tracks


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