Awakening 2.1

  Awakening 2.1
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  Platform : Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003  
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  License : Shareware  
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Awakening 2.1

Awakening 2.1
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Awakening is a scrolling space shooter with ship upgrade possibilities. This game consists of 20 amazing levels. You can improve your ship configuration by installing new weapons, defensive systems, and power stations. To improve your ship, you must earn money by destroying throngs of enemies on every level. But beware - with every new level, your enemies grow stronger and stronger, and game play is harder... You can also create your own levels using the Level Editor (freeware).
A friendly interface, easy controls, and fancy 2D graphics will bring you straight into the heart of galactic war. You can download the shareware version of the game right now, and then play the first three levels for free. Enjoy!

Tags: game, download, shareware, create, graphics, space, play, easy, amazing, shooter, money, using, levels, into, version, power, configuration, ship, heart, for


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