AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server 1.2.5

  AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server 1.2.5
Category : Internet -  E-Mail  
  Platform : Unix,  Linux  
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  License : Shareware  
  Limitations : 30 Days  
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AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server 1.2.5

AXIGEN Gateway Mail Server 1.2.5
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AXIGEN Gateway is a secure mail relay server capable of integrating with most virus / anti-spam applications and using firewall-like connection rules. By separating security functions from real mail server usage, you improve both server effectiveness and communication security. Download the full-featured evaluation version and benefit from free technical support during the evaluation period and first year of use. If you choose to switch to the commercial version, you get unlimited free technical support. AXIGEN is available for many Linux distributions (Gentoo, Redhat/Fedora Core, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandrake/Mandriva, SUSE), for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and for Solaris - see the AXIGEN download page for the corresponding download kit:

Main AXIGEN services:
1. Mail transfer is ensured by SMTP / ESMTP modules, which include a powerful Mail Processing engine with a script interface for custom filtering.
2. Message retrieval is performed through IMAP4 or POP3 protocols with special tools for connectivity control and host authentication management.

All services are controlled from centralized WEB / CLI Administration, enabling full control of the email traffic.

AXIGEN Mail server Specifications:

Mail Services
- SSL/TLS encryption

Connectivity and architecture:
- Multithreaded engine with module thread control
- Simultaneous resource access
- Mail storage with index based access
- In depth connection control
- Firewall-like communication rules
- User authentication: plain, login, CRAM MD5

Message Filtering
- Multilevel filtering system (server level, domain level, user level)
- Antivirus and AntiSPAM support
- Script interface for external custom filters

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