Cellblock Squadrons 2.10

  Cellblock Squadrons 2.10
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  Platform : Win98,  WinME,  WinXP,  Windows2000  
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Cellblock Squadrons 2.10

Cellblock Squadrons 2.10
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solitaire xp toolbar import

Delve into a future world where every criminal has a debt to society, and the darkness of space is where it s to be repaid. Join in missions with up to 99 other criminals and earn your freedom, so that one day, you can finally go home. Choose from five small craft and experience reflex busting gameplay, randomized weapon placements and some time in solitary confinement, as you fight against more than forty enemy battleships, bent on your entire squad s destruction.

You re not going to save the universe... this time, you re only going to save yourself.

Cellblock Squadrons can be purchased stand-alone or as part of Stardock’s game distribution system www.totalgaming.net. TotalGaming.net members can purchase games at discounted rates using a unique token system. Check it out today!

Tags: game, games, time, system, space, using, save, world, small, into, distribution, purchase, enemy, fight, debt, part, out


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