Christmas Sudoku 1.0

  Christmas Sudoku 1.0
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Christmas Sudoku 1.0

Christmas Sudoku 1.0
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asf midi graphics help

Dracosoft’s Christmas Sudoku is a great iconic twist on the standard Sudoku number game that everyone knows and loves.

Derived from the traditional style Sudoku puzzles, Dracosoft’s Christmas Sudoku replaces the usual numbers with exciting Christmas icons. These icons include; Santa, Bells, Snowflakes, Gingerbread Men, Candles, Presents, and more. These eye-catching graphics help enhance game play and increases the visual appeal of the game .

Dracosoft’s Christmas Sudoku game brings the spirit of Christmas to your favorite game.

Tags: game, graphics, play, help, visual, icons, number, numbers, enhance, style, favorite, standard


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