Cube Maniak 1.7

  Cube Maniak 1.7
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Cube Maniak 1.7

Cube Maniak 1.7
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CUBE MANIAK lets you play Rubik s cube on your PC in 3D environment. You can rotate the cube, rotate faces in all ways very freely. You can change the faces images to your own design. Each of the nine visible facets on a side of the Rubik s Cube exhibits one of six colours. When the puzzle is solved, each side of the Rubik s Cube is a different colour, but the rotation of each face allows the smaller cubes to be rearranged in many different ways. The challenge of the puzzle is to return the cube to its original state, in which each face of the cube consists of nine squares of a similar colour.

How it works
To begin play, it only takes 2 minutes for installation and configuration. When the game starts and you can choose randomization and complexity of scrambles. Then all you have to do is use your mouse to rotate cube as you wish and solve the puzzle.

-3D Environment
- Quickly and easily manage your moves to solve the puzzle
- Easy to use and intuitive interface.

Tags: game, puzzle, images, play, manage, change, mouse, face, rotate, original, installation, challenge, solve, for, rotation


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