EditOnline 1.00

  EditOnline 1.00
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EditOnline 1.00

EditOnline 1.00
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EditOnline is an easy to use, online photo editor for your website that features the most useful photo editing functions including: Crop, Resize, Optimize, Brightness, Contrast, Blur, and Sharpen. It needs no configuration and is simple to add to your website. It is fully customizable to match the appearance of your website. Editonline requires PHP 5+ with bundled GD library installed on your server for full funcionality or PHP 4.3 with GD library for limited functionality. Free version has advertising links, commercial version does not.

Tags: photo, editor, online, server, website, library, easy, editing, simple, photo editor, version, advertising, match, configuration, for, features, functions, useful, commercial


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