flower screensaver 1.2

  flower screensaver 1.2
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  Platform : WinXP,  Windows2000  
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flower screensaver 1.2

flower screensaver 1.2
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ini mp4 audio math

A beautiful red rose lying on the stones at the shore of some dreamy lake. Who brought it here? Maybe it waits for someone?
Throughout the ages, the red rose has been the ultimate expression of passion and love. Also, it can stand for respect and courage.
This flower can become a romantic gift to your sweetheart, or it can be just a pretty screensaver with nice 3D graphics and relaxing background music.
System requirements:
* P-III 800 Mhz or equivalent processor
* 64 MB RAM
* ATI Radeon 9500 (and higher) or NVIDIA GeForce 3 (and higher)
* 7 MB free hard drive space
* Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system
* Sound card, if you want to play background music

Tags: screensaver, graphics, play, drive, 2000, background, flower, beautiful, hard, hard drive, nice, relaxing, gift, red, ultimate, for, expression


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