Hide My Folders 2.1

  Hide My Folders 2.1
Category : Utilities -  File Management  
  Platform : WinXP,  Windows2000,  Windows2003  
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  License : Shareware  
  Limitations : 14 Days  
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Hide My Folders 2.1

Hide My Folders 2.1
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In our age of rapidly developing new technologies it’s very important to keep in secure the private data. Eltima Software has developed a solution to protect your files and folders from other people and to hide the folder and files containing confidential data. Move your private files out of sight with Hide My Folders. It is a new security tool which allows you to hide confidential files/folders and ensure visibility only for you and no one else. The files which are hidden with its help are definitely secured from viewing, accessing and searching and only you know that they exist in your system. It makes no difference how you access to computer either over local network, internet or directly, in any case the file stays still hidden until you unhide it and nobody even administrator wouldn’t see it. So you will be the only person who can see and access your private info. Such behavior is achieved by low-level file access which is reliable and fail-safe. As an extra feature you may apply password for Hide My Folders launch and employ hiding in Safe Mode. In order to hide files with specific names and extensions Hide My Folders offers advanced pattern-matching approach. By specifying special string as a mask you may hide a group of files that comply with it. For instance, *.doc would hide all MS Word files. This is convenient and useful option to hide some files in a directory or on your hard drive, while leaving other files visible. As a security measure it is impossible to hide system critical files. This foolproof feature ensures stability and guarantees that nobody could glitch your system with Hide My Folder use. Easy-to-use and intuitive interface lets you hide/unhide your files and folders with one click and built-in Explorer allows you to open files for preview directly from Hide My Folder. Just try it and you will forget to worry over personal data security.

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