Physics Virtual Laboratory, PVL 1

  Physics Virtual Laboratory, PVL 1
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Physics Virtual Laboratory, PVL 1

Physics Virtual Laboratory, PVL 1
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An Intuitively Easy-To-Use collection of -at least- 113 interactive Physics simulation modules that allow the user to simulate and visualize Physics experiments.

Useful from High School to University. PVL may be used (1) during classes, to support the teacher s explanation and to make classes more interesting, (2) in the library by students, to review the topics covered in classes (3) at home by students to run experiments with the student s data, even extreme experiments, which result in a better grasping of studied topics. The teacher may also use the PVL to prepare classes and suggest experiments.

In a conventional (traditional) Physics laboratory it is impossible to execute experiments with extreme parameters, for instance it is impossible to shot a gun, because it is dangerous, it is impossible to make changes in the acceleration of gravity, it is not possible to carry out experiments in Slow Motion or to settle a time freezing . The PVL overcomes all these drawbacks.

PVL Special Features .-
-Experiment pause (Time freezing): inttroduces a pause in the execution of an experiment, usually a pause is used to display vectors (forces, velocities, etc)
-Slow Motion: executes an experiment sslowly enough for the user to appreciate the behaviour of the system.
-Extreme parameters experimentation: AAllows experimentation with parameters that if used in real life would produce damage to the equipment or harm the user.
-Visualization of vectors: Usually wheen the pause button is pressed some vectors are displayed. (forces, velocities, accelerations, etc)

Using the screen as a blackboard.-
In many experiments the user is free to use the screen as a blackboard, this means that the user may place vectors, blocks, masses, etc wherever he/she wants on screen, and as many as space allows for. This allows comparative teaching or learning, since the user is allowed to see several instances of an experiment simultaneously. <>

Tags: screen, time, library, space, make, collection, home, simulation, display, shot, user, teacher, button, interactive, run, support, student, acceleration, life, teaching


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