Search & Replace Master 1.2

  Search & Replace Master 1.2
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Search & Replace Master 1.2

Search & Replace Master 1.2
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Search & replace the text in your files in seconds.


A free software from KnowleSys.

Search & Replace Master is an easy to use search and replace utility loved by webmasters, programmers, and novice computer users alike.

Search & Replace Master looks through multiple files for a string or pattern and can also replace it with another string or pattern.

A pattern is a string with at least one wildcard character in it. For example: http*.htm, A*B*C.
You can also use {$1} to reference the text that the first * on behalf of. And use {$2} for the second and son.

It can also strip formatting from Word generated HTML file to make it clean and small.

It can do case sensitive or insensitive searches, before or after insert.

Tags: software, file, utility, search, text, files, easy, make, computer, clean, replace, multiple, free software, reference, pattern, case, character, string, search and replace, second


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