Skypz Factory Builder v2.3

  Skypz Factory Builder v2.3
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  Platform : Unix,  Linux,  Linux GPL  
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  License : Commercial  
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Skypz Factory Builder v2.3

Skypz Factory Builder v2.3
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Skypz Factory Builder v2.3 is a complete Out Of Box (OOB) solution enables Factories / Companies / Products suppliers to to build an online website. in less than 15min you will be able to start add your sell items and start to attract and receive inquiries from importers and buyers 24 hours 7 days a week online.

Skypz Factory Builder v2.3 comes with easy 4 steps installation, or we can install it for you on your own server for a small fee.

Skypz Factory Builder v2.3 enable factories sales and export department to communicate and take orders from buyers and importers world-wide, also enables you to manage orders and shipping issues and all type of export documents, specially Bill Of Lading, Shipping documents, and CIF/FOB options.

Skypz Factory Builder v2.3 made specially for factories and export companies, also it is a great solution for trade companies.

Skypz Factory Builder v2.3 it is the only available solution for all Chinese manufactures and trade/export firms world-wide.

Tags: online, server, easy, export, manage, sales, install, small, start, build, type, solution, receive, orders, for, trade, sell, complete, available


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