Skypz Music Centre v2.3x

  Skypz Music Centre v2.3x
Category : Web Author -  ASP  
  Platform : Unix,  Linux,  Linux GPL  
  Price : USD 199  
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  License : Commercial  
  Limitations : N/A  
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  Size : 3.10 MB  
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Skypz Music Centre v2.3x

Skypz Music Centre v2.3x
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  Software Description:
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NEW! Functionalities added in Skypz Music Centre v2.3x

1. Flash equalizer that synchronized to the played song
2. Unlimited song/video upload and download
3. FTP support to avoid uploading delays
4. Multi user download engine
5. Multi user play/watch engine
6. RSS automated feed

Overview of the main features and functionalities offered to members
Search a large music songs
Search a large music video clips
Play songs using a built-in MP3 Player
Play music video clips using built-in MP4 player
Request a song
Request a music video clip
Powerful search by Album/Singer/Title
Paid or Free Membership
New song/video alerts
request/send music or Video to a friend
Download music tracks
Download music video clips and tracks

Overview of the main features and functionalities offered to the Administrators:
Add/Edit/Delete Albums
Add/Edit/Delete music tracks
Add/Edit/Delete music Video clips
Add/Delete news that appears on the website
Approve/Add/Edit/Delete members
Template managment
Secure admin login and controls
Record of most downloaded/played/requested songs
RSS music feed control
and much more of advice admin options

More details:

Tags: download, video, music, search, control, website, using, upload, news, admin, user, song, support, tracks, songs, login, automated, feed, controls, clip


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