SmartForms 1.00

  SmartForms 1.00
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SmartForms 1.00

SmartForms 1.00
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presentation media scripts vcd

Smart form s
form Validator + Email Sender
Validate your form fields - Receive the data by Email or send it to your own script. - Make your form s Smart Forms!

Make your form s user friendly.

Ensure that required in form ation is entered.

Ensure that the in form ation is valid.

Protect your form s against hackers.

Validate 11 types of form fields.

Receive the form input by Email (optional).

SmartForms can do all this using the latest AJAX technology. It combines the ease and user-friendliness of client side javascript form validation with the power and security of server side validation using PHP and regular expressions. It can send the form input data to you by email. You can use it with your existing form s or use the form template provided to help you create forms. It is super easy to set up using the graphical control panel.

Tags: email, security, data, create, server, control, javascript, easy, help, information, client, using, form, send, forms, user, template, set up, set, power


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