TupInsight 3.2

  TupInsight 3.2
Category : Internet -  Miscellaneous  
  Platform : Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003  
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  License : Shareware  
  Limitations : 15 Days  
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TupInsight 3.2

TupInsight 3.2
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TupInsight is an easy-to-install and -use Internet activity monitoring and web access control system. It uses a computer on a local area network (LAN) not only to monitor and record other hosts web behaviors, but also to restrict online activities according to customized filtering Internet policies. The main functions and features of TupInsight can be summarized as follows: (A) Capturing all Emails sent/received on the whole local network; (B) Snapshoting all the web pages viewed on the whole local network and copying all the uploaded/downloaded FTP files; (C) Monitoring chat sessions (such as Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and ICQ), game activities, and other use of online applications self-definable by the administrator; (D) Enforcing web access control according to the administrator s customization; (E) Scanning and detecting host names and grouping hosts into different classes for better workgroup administration; (F) Based on the client/server architecture to support distributed management of data; (G) Easily archiving and searching records, and exporting data to support statistics and report preparation; and (H) Featuring an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Tags: game, web, network, data, online, control, monitor, management, access, computer, monitoring, record, report, chat, statistics, administrator, user, restrict, support, area


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