Universal Tracking System for Palm OS 1.9.3

  Universal Tracking System for Palm OS 1.9.3
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  Platform : Palm OS 3.0,  Palm OS 3.1,  Palm OS 3.2  
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Universal Tracking System for Palm OS 1.9.3

Universal Tracking System for Palm OS 1.9.3
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dll keylogger client puzzles

A multipurpose tracking tool for your Palm OS PDA. With UTS you can track time and any numerical values, such as money, weight, calories, billable time, expenses, mileage and more.

You are able to enter numerical values with pad buttons or use stopwatches to log time intervals. The numbers entered or time intervals can be converted into the billing cost, calories burned, resources consumed or can be stored as is. This is very useful if you are a consultant, freelancer, scientist, doctor, engineer or sportsman.

UTS stores all your important information in a single customizable database and can automatically convert one value into another. You can enter just one value and UTS will calculate other values using predefined rules and dependencies. UTS allows you to create hierarchical tracking structures on your desktop PC and then plug them into the application on your PDA.

The customizable database of measurement units allows you to convert all you values form one system to another with one click. You may download add-on databases of measurement units from our site and plug them into UTS database.

UTS features powerful tools for flexible analysis of your data: customizable charts and diagrams, totals and statistical reports. You can even export your data into CSV or MS Excel format for further analysis on your desktop PC.

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