WebPen 1.00

  WebPen 1.00
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WebPen 1.00

WebPen 1.00
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Allow your website users to sign documents online using the mouse as a pen! Now legal documents and agreements can be displayed online and signed instantly using the mouse as a pen. WebPen eliminates the traditional hassle of downloading, printing, signing, and faxing. Making the signup process easy avoids lost sales!
The signed document is instantly redisplayed to the signer with the signature in place and a copy of the signed document is stored on your server. WebPen is simple to install, requiring only PHP 4. It can be used with your existing online documents by the addition of a few lines of code to the web page that displays the document.
The future of document signing is here! Free version has watermark behind signature, commercial version does not.

Tags: web, online, website, easy, copy, code, document, using, page, lost, mouse, lines, web page, documents, process, simple, watermark, version, signature, legal


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