XMLbased document import for Hummingbird DM 1.1

  XMLbased document import for Hummingbird DM 1.1
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XMLbased document import for Hummingbird DM 1.1

XMLbased document import for Hummingbird DM 1.1
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If you are a Hummingbird DM / RM administrator or a developer of solutions based on Hummingbird DM / RM, you know how difficult it is to import many documents into a system that is even a bit different from the basic installation of Hummingbird DM. Unlike the standard document import tool (docimp.exe), our program allows you to use SQL queries for updating information in any database tables, to use global and local variables whose values are automatically substituted in various places of an XML file, to change the values of variables during import , to keep values received from a database using SQL queries in variables, to work with documents (create/remove/update them), to update document profiles with one operation, to work with folders (create/remove/update folders/add and remove documents).
It is also possible to automatically change the logic of import depending on whether documents with the specified attributes exist in the library and to use references to items and references to their data. The open XML format that is used to import documents into Hummingbird allows you to create import data in any way you like – creating the necessary file manually, automatically generating it by another system, etc. Such files can be easily sent from where they were created to where they should be import ed (or simultaneously to several locations). Besides, the mechanism of variables (both local – in a file, and global – in the program settings) and overriding them allows you to get different import results for one and the same file on different servers. For example, for any server you can use a specific server name, department name, lookup values of this server, etc.

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